The US Institute to Preserve Christ Church Historic Cemetery (USIPCCHC) is a non-profit organization.  Its purpose is to facilitate the care, maintenance and preservation of  cemetery grounds, buildings and other properties which are located in or near Clifden Ireland and are within the administrative jurisdiction of the Omey Union Select Vestry .


Started in 2016

Formed in 2016, USIPCCHC has supported the care, maintenance and upgrading of the cemetery at Christ Church in Clifden Ireland.  Working with parishioners and the local community, "the Institute" hopes to contribute to an ongoing effort to restore and improve the buildings and grounds associated with Omey Union Select Vestry


“We are fortunate.  Our work is in one of the most beautiful corners of the planet”

— Ed  Ruttledge - USIPCCHC Board member


Become Involved

The USIPCCHC is a non-profit organization with tax exempt status in the US.  Donations to "the Institute" qualify for a tax deduction under Section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS Code.  The Board Members of the USIPCCHC personally cover all administrative costs, thus making 100% of your donation available to the core mission.